Yutron Tech
(Hong Kong) Limited

Web design

Yutron Tech is a leading distributor for consumer electronics and their accessories in Hong Kong. They would like to overhaul their website to align with modern styles and web standards.

The project involves a complete redesign of the site's format and color palette to give an unified and refreshing user experience. Product graphics are tailor-made to fit integrated with the website's design.


School of Music

Poster / event calendar

This set of calendar design uses a grid system to demonstrate the flexibility of how data can be organized. It easily enables adding and removing extra event entries without the need to rework the poster design.

The simple grid design is used to give a sense of unity and order that the viewers are expected from a calendar. Event entries are placed on a slope to show progression of dates. The contrast of color strips are inspired from the black and white piano keys, which helps presenting information in an energetic yet official way.


World Water Day


This poster is created for the fictional World Water Day 2012 event. The theme for 2012 is water shortage awareness. According to the 2006 UN report, an American taking a shower uses more water than a typical person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day.

Intrigued by this static, I wanted to create an ironic message to warn viewers on conserve water usage and avoid drought. A rubber duck is used to symbolize heavy water usage from bathing, while the duck is leaving behind disastrous consequences.


WebSphere Division –
SuiteWorld 2011

Exhibit signage

This banner is part of IBM's exhibition booth
in trade show – SuiteWorld 2011. The booth installation consists of banners from each software division to promote IBM's portfolio of cloud-based computing products.


Asian American
Cancer Society Gala –
Raffle Event


Created for the 2010 AACS Hatwalk Gala, the posters were placed throughout the venue to promote prizes for the raffle event. Intention of the posters is to deliver a clean and universal graphical message that draws attention without using oversize titles.

Powerpoint slides were used to present the raffle prizes. The same graphical theme was carried over from the posters to illustrate the revealing of winners.


Powerpoint used during the prize revealing.

Design Process Journal

Editorial design

This journal is an editorial design exercise. It's purpose is to demostrate the ability to create a logical order and flow throughout a publication. Critical ingredients includes — table of contents, chapter dividers, headers, and placement of content.

The content of this journal documented several design projects I have worked on.